Frequently Asked Questions

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When it comes to comprehensive cleaning and janitorial services, the team from Amamidas Touch has you covered. However, if you’re curious to learn more about what we can offer, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions we receive below.

Are your cleaning services considered “green?”
We follow all of today’s best practices and safety protocols when cleaning. Green cleaning products can be substituted for traditional cleaning agents upon the client’s request.

Why should I choose Spotless Janitorial Services?
Well, we’ve been in business for 5 years. You may say we are so young. Yes, but we are no underdogs at all and our staff members are professional cleaners who constantly undergo trainings in the latest cleaning techniques and we have a proven track record in the industry of providing stellar service to all of our clients.

Are you licensed and insured?
Yes, we carry General Liability insurance and Workers’ Compensation coverage. This is to protect you against damaged property or injury to personnel while our team members are on your property performing cleaning services.

How are your team members trained?
Our quarterly training programs are mandatory and include training for OSHA and best practices including the use and handling of chemicals, procedures for disinfection, procedures for effective vacuuming, ways to reduce vacuum emissions, preventative maintenance for hard floors, safety training specific to each procedure, health hazards of specific products, use of personal protective equipment and more.

What size facilities does Amamidas Touch janitorial services clean?
You name it, we clean it: from small offices to multi-tenant buildings and everything in-between. Amamidas Touch is equipped to perform cleaning services for facilities of every shape and size, from high-volume office spaces to industrial warehouses. We can accommodate a wide range of cleaning services and develop a customised plan to suit your needs. No job is too big or small!

What type of janitorial services can you provide?
We provide a wide range of janitorial services and custom cleaning solutions. Our team is equipped to offer carpet cleaning services, deep cleaning, general floor cleaning, restroom maintenance, and more specialised services such as office, medical and dental clinic, and industrial cleaning solutions.

Who will be cleaning my business?
All of the cleaning staff from Amamidas Touch Janitorial are licensed, insured, and receive regular professional development training to provide the very best services. Cleaning staff is also assigned to specific sites to ensure ownership and accountability. We also offer hourly janitors upon request.

Do you pay your cleaners a fair wage?
It’s no surprise that you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to janitorial services and office supply management solutions. We offer all of our employees a fair wage to ensure that they’re never tempted to cut corners on their cleaning duties. The wages we offer make certain that all of our employees are motivated and take their jobs very seriously.

Do you have regular supervisor inspections?
We do have regular supervisor inspections to ensure that all of our work is done to the highest standards and so we can catch any issues well before they become noticeable.

Do you provide cleaning equipment and materials?
For our regular nightly cleaning and office supply services, we provide all the necessary equipment and materials. If there are special products you’d like us to use, like eco-friendly cleaning solutions, you need only simply to ask. Be sure to mention it upfront though so our team can have all of the necessary products ready when we begin your cleaning services.

What’s included in your commercial cleaning services?
We understand no two companies are alike, which is why our commercial cleaning services run the gamut. We offer janitorial/custodial services, lighting, carpet, and upholstery cleaning, as well as hard floor care, exterior power washing, and industrial cleaning solutions. We’ll develop a personalised care plan for your business.

How much will commercial cleaning services cost me?
There’s no set price for commercial cleaning services since each business is different. Your cleaning costs will depend upon the size of your location and frequency of service, as well as what your specific needs are. To learn more about costs contact Amamidas Touch today by calling +2348024558533 or fill in our Request a quote form.

Do you guarantee your work?
Absolutely! If you are not satisfied with any cleaning visit we will dispatch a supervisor to rectify the problem immediately. If you aren’t happy, we don’t get comfortable until you become satisfied. When you invest in quality office cleaning we hold ourselves accountable.

How do I get started?
Simply click on the Free Quote button, “Send Us a message” or call for a free consultation at +2348024558533 and we will be happy to send out our Operations Manager to assess your facility.

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